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Sorry for the Delay

With new things on the horizon and new shit coming to light, it became overwhelmingly apparent what my priorities should be; be with the people I love. You don't find a lot of people in the world that are just right (like the Story of the Three Bears). Some are with you temporarily, and some last a lifetime. There are, and will always be, a million ways to communicate with people, but there is only one way to be with them in the physical world. I had this naïve thought that friends would just come and go. I wasn't wrong, but at the same time, I was way off the mark. People do come and go, and change is inevitable, but that doesn't mean we should not try and make the most of it or to be with them as much as possible. 

A coworker of mine recently had to resign because of his/her family relocating. He/ she gave me the advice to take time off from work (PTO of course) and enjoy my time. What is money without spending it? What is time without something to occupy it? What is life with people to share it with? 

I've met unbelievable people in Connecticut that I will never forget. I have forged lifelong relationships with those who started anew with me in Tampa. I have bridged gaps between the mainland US and Hawai'i along with a group of Aussies that remain close to my heart. 

Again, I apologize for the delay, for those of you who are invested in my journey. I have made a decision to carry my camera with me always, and to document the moments as best as I can. I have learned to not get caught up in documenting, as the experience is equally valuable (if not more so). These photos are not only important to me, but the people I'm with. We quickly forget all that we had and have done, and without these photos, there would be little footprint for ourselves to follow. If you want to tag along, don't hesitate to ask. My doors are always open.

Alive in Tampa,


Keir Magoulas