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It’s tough to write anything worthwhile when reminiscing on best friends because it would be impossible to recount the memories, feelings, closeness, quirks, and love we share. This crew has been through a lot, and has grown in strides over the years. I am so proud to know them and watch them become so much more. Just for a moment, I got to live in some of their shoes this weekend and see their new friends, jobs, hangouts, routines, and personal growth. It’s exciting to witness change.

I feel fulfilled with these people, and I look forward to seeing them every second they’re not around. If you knew them, you’d want to become their best friend, too. My only advice is to find people that make you feel this way, and never let them go. They may move, get new friends and loved ones, or never post on social media, but if you try hard enough, you will stay with them the rest of your life. They may not be within reach, but you won’t lose them if you work for it.

If I’ve got you, then I know I’ve got something.

Day 1

Day 2

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