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Hail our Tampa U.

I had the honor of attending the University of Tampa's graduation for the second time, this time so that I could see all of the friends I started with in the Fall of 2011. Located in Amalie Arena, where the Tampa Bay Lightning play, I sat above the staged backdrops for those who had just received their empty diplomas. Shouting from above, I caught my friends in a moment of pure excitement as they had just completed the biggest journey of their lives and did not have a single worry for about 15 minutes before reality hit them at lunch with their families. Although I delayed the hired photographers, I'd like to believe that me capturing the genuine emotion of the moment would've made them happy, too. Congratulations to everyone that graduated. I know it doesn't feel like anything right now because we treat school like a job, but trust me when I say that in 3 months when the dust has settled, you will look back and remember the class of 2015 for everything you learned, experienced, failed, and loved. Hail our glorious Alma Mater, hail our Tampa U. 

Keir Magoulas