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Gasaparilla Music Festival 2015

As of the last 4 years, Tampa has hosted the Gasparilla Music Festival, a continuation of the Gasparilla season. The event has been a work in progress, but this year the team really nailed it. Taking place in Curtis Hixon Park in downtown Tampa, in between the art museums, this festival is a culmination of all the amazing aesthetics and culture that exists in the 813. With 2 nights, 4 stages, tons of local beer and food, and a crew of volunteers working through the night, the festival proved to be an incredible experience. With bands like Mute Math, Gaslight Anthem, and Modest Mouse, it was no wonder the event sold out both days. Next time the festival comes around, make sure you grab a ticket fast, because it is truly a treasure to see A-list bands play in your backyard. 

MusicKeir Magoulas