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Nobody Calls it San Fran

I've been told for a while that I would fit in perfect in California. Something about the way I dress, the food I like, the person I am always seemed to fit into the perception of California. I could not personally verify this claim until recently, solely because I had only been to the West Coast once, and it was Seattle. The trip had its highlights, however, my friends' fears that I would move to SF after seeing it were unsubstantiated. I agree, the city has a lot going on, and without a doubt, a lot of very intelligent people. Cost of living paired with sub-par weather and a general city-feel that makes you want to take a shower every hour detracted from the pros of the living there. I can see what makes people venture out into the unknown that is California, but when comparing the paths of each journey, it would be tough to pass up Tampa. I'm glad I got to explore a new place and meet new people, and sometimes it takes leaving a place to truly appreciate it. Tampa has its own path to blaze and in hopes of becoming the New Bay Area, I have to hang around to see it play out. 


"A city is not gauged by its length and width,
but by the broadness of its vision
and the height of its dreams."

TravelKeir Magoulas