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Ft. Laud and Miami

Got to spend time with good friends exploring south of the Florida I know. Special thanks to V and the Fernandez family, Abadi and Ayoub, Jeanie and Rafi, Tori, Ali, and Natalie. They made this trip special.

For those of you that need to pad your Instagram, click here to download your photos. 

Keir Magoulas
V's Last Day

My last friend to graduate from UT, and presumably the last round of photos I'll take of people in caps and gowns at Plant Park for a while. V is a character and it's difficult to remember her ever being in a bad mood. She's always got jokes, and always cares deeply about the people she's around. Not having her as part of the gang is difficult to envision, because she was there from the beginning. From hockey games to concerts to beer festivals, we had a lot of fun during our time together in Tampa, but it is the little moments I'll remember the most; the dance parties, late night Denny's trips, beach days, and bowling alleys. I'm exceptionally sad to see you leave, but I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do. You have all the potential in the world and it's exciting to see you grow. You're not the same person I met in Brevard Hall 4 years ago; you're better. Thank you for always being there, V, you are our Queen (King). 

Keir Magoulas