Palm Arbor Supply Co.



About the brand

Palm Arbor Supply Co. is a concept brand by Keir Magoulas. The idea started in late 2012. I had just started switching my life's trajectory from science to design, and I felt I needed a way to consolidate all of my work into a brand of sorts, as opposed to simply going by my name. I also wanted to be able to express my designs through a brand that people can get behind, instead of seeing "Keir" written on a bunch of shirts and prints. Slowly but surely, the brand started to gain traction through the University of Tampa. Friends and acquaintances enjoyed my design aesthetic, and so I started by doing free work for them. I started with posters for bands, headshots for student LinkedIn accounts, and shirts for local organizations. Now, as the brand is still in early development, its identity is coming together (and hopefully I settle on a logo) and the vision is becoming more clear. The goal that was always in my head is to create a brick and mortar store in Tampa, Florida. The store's purpose is to bring together a community; I want to see local artists showcasing their work, bands playing, craft beer tastings, restaurant partnerships, a place for anyone to hang out, and above all else, a selection of amazing clothes and lifestyle products that people can't find anywhere else in the area. 

All of the photos and graphics within the website are property of Keir Magoulas and cannot be used or distributed without written consent. 

I do freelance, too.

know your costs

If you've ever paid for anything, you've surely wondered what it was actually worth. Photography and graphic design tend to fall into a gray area of perplexity with regard to pricing. In the age of the digital revolution, the actual process of shooting and designing is much less time consuming once the art and technique is mastered. Sure, equipment and software and time cost money, but when you're passionate about something, marking up a product becomes less important. This is why we have 3 prices: basic, less basic, and more.  


Palm Arbor Supply Basic Pricing
  • Headshots (scaled to any size)
  • Portraits
  • Graduation 
  • Senior Photos
  • Flyer/ Poster Design
  • 1-2 hours of shooting

less basic

Palm Arbor Supply Less Basic Pricing
  • Large Event
  • Couples/ Baby
  • Logo Set (3 variations)
  • Shirt Design
  • 3+ hours of shooting


Palm Arbor Supply More Pricing
  • Video Documentation
  • Full day of shooting
  • If you need more than "Less Basic," we will discuss details. 

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